What are the best air conditioners?


It’s important to have a very beautiful interior decoration and design in your home or office, but it’s more important to add some touch of luxury and style in it too. One of those things you can add in your home or office is an air conditioner, a very good one. This is because it adds this extra spice to your home or office that makes it even more convenient and comfortable for both yourself, family and visitors alike. An air conditioner will also make your home or office even more attractive to visitors as well as helping you to make them feel comfortable and more at home. It is indeed, a real deal. In getting air conditioning in Edmonton, there are quite a couple of things you would need to consider. You would need to have an idea of how much value you would like to derive from it, the efficiency and the durability too.

If you have made up your mind to get an air conditioner and you would like to find out which one to get, then you’re at the right place as we have helped identify three different categories you have to consider in your quest to get yourself a very good AC. The categories are: Quietness, Energy Efficiency and Value.

In order to make sure that you suffer little or no stress in finding yourself necessary information regarding the purchase, all you need to do is to go through this article as all you need to know has been well explained.

Air Conditioner Features You Need To Know

To be candid, when wanting to purchase an air conditioner, especially when you’re equipped with little or no knowledge about it, you would no doubt be needing the help of an expert. HVAC Specialists are a very superb source of information as well as guidance and directives so you would not be misled by your own instincts. Features are what make up an AC and it’s important you have an idea of what features are really needed and whether or not the one you’re going to buy possesses those features. Be sure to also source for information from other sources or stores and outlets close by should in case you’re not fully satisfied by what you get from the professional(s).



Most Efficient Air Conditioner – Trane XV20I

At up to 22 SEER, the XV20i air conditioner possesses the highest efficiency rating when compared to the others of its kind. Now that’s a spectacular feature, you know? So much so that it’s consumers have the sole possibility of saving up to 64% each year in energy costs. That’s not all though as the XV20i is so Energy Star Qualified and includes our patented TruComfort™ variable-speed system and integrated communicating technology which helps to keep your home or office temperature at a very optimal level and in the process, helps to spikes that lead to increased energy consumption. It’s efficiency no doubt is almost comparable to none, and that’s why it’s appearing atop this list.

Quietest Air Conditioner – Trane XV18


It is really a thing of joy when you can use an air conditioner that doesn’t disturb you with noise. You know, when you have that AC that’s very “mature” enough to maintain quietness and at the same time offer you the one-way ticket to enjoyment. Now on the list of quiet ACs, there’s no other one that comes first but the Trane XV18 air conditioner. This quiet but effective beauty has a sound level starting as low as 57 dBA – 4 dB below the competition. It includes innovative sound insulators and a unique integrated fan system with a blade-down fan design that improves airflow and reduces sound levels. The equipment is also accorded as Energy Star Qualified with a SEER rating up to 18 – making it a great combination of energy efficiency and quiet operation. An encounter with this silent machine is one to look forward to, I tell you.

The Air Conditioner With The Best Value – Trane XR14

Now here’s the value category which comes last even though it’s not the least. Now as a consumer, whatever you’re purchasing or spending your money on, you would of course want value for money anytime any day. And that brings us to the very air conditioner that has been deservedly labeled as the one with the best value, the Trane XR14. Known for it’s  high efficiency ratings and more affordable price point, this air conditioner is also equipped with a SEER rating of up to an impressive 16. The purchase and usage of this masterpiece is sure to come along with a very noticeable work rate that’s enough to leave you really wowed.

So basically speaking, if after your consultations and critical thinking and you would like to get the best value for your money in terms of what AC to buy, you sure would really have to go for this one. It’s loyalty to serve efficiently well is also another core feature it has at it’s disposal, which makes it even more tempting to want to buy.



In conclusion, I would like to remind you that there are various needs that trigger the need to get an air conditioner in the minds of various customers. So when wanting to get any, do make sure that you do a proper investigation and obtain credible information as regards the features contained in the equipment. Whatever you do ensure that whichever one you pick would be worthy of matching your needs best. Also bear in mind that your home or office would have a touch of upgrade the moment you introduce an air conditioner into it so it would be beneficial if you take your time and get the one that would best serve you and your household. And also, don’t forget to contact and seek for professional help and advice when buying any one. The essence of this is so that you don’t end up buying something you would later regret.

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