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How much does air conditioning cost in Edmonton?

Having a central air conditioner can greatly improve your home comfort during the summer months. While Edmonton’s summer isn’t the longest, it can certainly heat up! If you’ve been suffering in a sweltering hot house every summer, this year might be the year you finally get an air conditioner.   How a central air conditioner […]

What are the best air conditioners?

  It’s important to have a very beautiful interior decoration and design in your home or office, but it’s more important to add some touch of luxury and style in it too. One of those things you can add in your home or office is an air conditioner, a very good one. This is because […]

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

    Just like any mechanical system, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance. This will ensure it’s performing safely, effectively and efficiently. Regular AC maintenance will also reduce strain on the unit and system, prolonging its life and preventing costly repairs or replacements. Not sure where to begin? First things first, turn off the electricity […]